Monday, October 22, 2007


Did you know that sea anemones are ticklish? If you tickle them they will release their hold. That's according to my 10 year old. The above link is the only reference I could find that referred to tickling a sea anemone and they said it would open if tickled. Ignorant as I am about sea anemones I didn't know they 'opened.'

Over the weekend ds10 broke his glasses, with a little help from his brother. This pair had lasted more than a year so it was time to get his eyes checked anyway. He needed a new Rx and it's going to take 2 weeks for the glasses to come in so we decided he could get started with contacts. He's excited! On the way to the store he told me that he wanted contacts but I thought he was too young. An hour later he was older. I think he looks odd without his glasses.

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Angela said...

Rock on A! Thats great...I love LOVE love my much better than glasses!