Saturday, October 20, 2007

chili and cornbread

Today I decided to go overboard again. Our ward social tonight was a chili cook-off. I ALWAYS make my own chili, that way I know that there is something there that is not too spicy for my taste buds. Last year we ran out of chili and pie and corn bread. This year I made a double batch of chili, 2 batches of cornbread and pumpkin cheesecake (an EASY recipe) with A.'s help. Unfortunately we thought it started an hour later than it did. So I brought home chili, cheesecake and cornbread! The cheesecake is not on dh diet or mine, although A. loves it, J won't even taste it. The boys wouldn't even taste the chili, but that could be because there were about 16 pies to choose from, dh can't eat tomatoes for a couple more months. So I get to eat a LOT of chili. The corn bread is so good that we won't complain about having that in the freezer to eat. If you want the recipe leave me a note and I can send you the sinfully rich cornbread recipe or/and the cheesecake recipe.

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