Saturday, October 20, 2007

being grandma

Years ago 2 friends asked me to teach/help them make quilts for their first grandchildren so they could be their ideal 'grandma'. Well, making quilts doesn't cut it for me. I NEED TO KNIT. Mittens. For my grandchildren. (My Grandma knitted therefore I must knit.) Admittedly I tried to make mittens for a nephew about 16 years ago and one thumb was longer than the other. It never made much sense to knit for my own kids since we have lived in south Texas almost their whole lives. I've knit about 3 dish rags since then. Sooo I found a library book with some cute mittens and went shopping for yarn. It is apparent that they only want experienced yarn buyers buying yarn. What is worsted weight? What does that #4 in the yarn mean? When my pattern calls for 3 oz weight what does that mean? So I bought some yarn, navy, no one could go wrong with that nice safe color and it will contrast nicely with the snow. Then I started knitting a sample gauge. Navy is the wrong color, I can't see the yarn on my nice dark navy needles! I NEED one of these. A cool floor lamp with a magnifying glass in the center of a round light.My Mother uses one similar for quilting but she didn't need one until she was years older than I am. Can I justify this purchase so that I can knit 2 pair of mittens? Or should I just go buy a lighter color of yarn? (You and I both KNOW that if I don't KNIT these mittens my grandsons in Idaho will probably have frozen fingers before the winter is over;).

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