Monday, August 27, 2007


So, the first day that I can listen to talk radio after a summer of listening to just kids, the astros has a long boring press conference and absolutely everyone on am radio was bradcasting it. I figure I'll listen to fm radio and just listen to music for a while and I discovered that SOMEONE has messed with my dials since the last time I listened to FM...2001 or somewhere thereabout and I have to use the scan button. This is where it gets weird....EVERY CHANNEL it stopped at was in Spanish...I didn't believe it, so went through it again and again. My radio must have been built in Mexico! I did not hear a single song...I checked; it was on FM. So I went back to the Astros... they fired 2 managers and hired a new one and are looking for another. The manager is going to play baseball the way it was supposed to be played; with enthusiasm and skill! wait, don't they all do that? say that? What news! I only listened for a few minutes and heard the same story 6 times!

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Liz said...

you are too funny! I didn't program Mexican music!