Sunday, July 26, 2015


I LOVE HAVING A SWIMMING POOL! It was fabulous when we had all the kids at home and it is fabulous when the grand-kids visit. And it is fabulous when I can get in and exercise by myself.
Just sitting near it is cooling. Not that I can stand to sit near it for long.
 Even the 2 month old enjoyed it.
 Noodles make it even more fun.
This squirt gun was too much for him to handle but he played with it anyway.
They brought this 'blob' from Colorado and it was a BIG hit after Uncle Andrew blew it up for them.

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BarbCarol said...

Thanks for the pics. They make me feel cooler just looking at them...and I need it today with 110 degree heat index. My grands are grown and gone, so we gave up the pool...traded for a lake house (no pool maintenance).