Wednesday, May 6, 2015

String quilt with stars; Twin quilt #1

I decided that I am working in a series! The blue is not the first in this but it is the latest, I have at least 4 in mind for this 'series'.
It HAS been awhile....I have been sewing though so I have a top to show you.
Here is a charity top we (our Women's church group) got to this point. I LOVE it...we just sorted fabric into light and dark piles and sewed them together. Here is the EQ7 version;
I planned it with 7 x 12" blocks, but really? I cut the width to 7.5 and then just straightened the bottom and top pieces and left them ....however long they came out. Did I tell you I LOVE this top? (It would be bordered and quilted BUT I purchased a dark blue for the outer border, washed it, ironed it! and lost it.) The mix of mediums across the dark and light rows I really like.....SO...
A niece was put in the hospital to wait out the birth of her high risk twins and I decided those babies needed a quilt and so started out to make this:

I added the stars for fun....Each of the stars take 1.5 - 2 hours to make
but the rest? EASY, Easy, Easy.
Each block is 6 x 6 but, again, I just straightened the edges of the length. A friend donated some of her pink scraps to the mix so I had plenty of variety for the pink blocks.
So it looked like this;

Clearly I had plenty of scraps....this just scratched the surface so I changed it to this;
With the outer border being pieced. BUT not just piano keys I decided to work some curved seams and some tiny inserts of fabric.
These are cut 4.5 inches wide. So now it is at this stage;
And the twins were born 2 weeks ago and a doing really well for 2 lbs 7 oz and 1 lb 13 oz. babies. I plan to have this (and the twin of it) done by their due date in July.
41 x 51

Vicki has a linky group of others working in a

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Vicki W said...

This is a great idea for a series and the perfect way to play with color and value.