Tuesday, May 26, 2015

sewing with grandkids....

I got to visit my daughter many miles away when she had her fourth boy! Everyone is doing great and I am back home.Grandchild #9 was born May 12, 2015.
This almost 2 year old fell in love with his new brother! So fun to see, so scary for Mom to have him want to hold him all. the. time.
I found one activity the older boys loved, sewing;

And what did they sew? The perfect project....We cut mom's old dish towels down to rags and folded them in thirds then the boy's got to choose a decorative stitch to hold the layers together with:

I know, not much to look at but the boys loved it! We used up odd bits of thread in the bobbins and maybe... the boys will enjoy using the rags they made for cleaning! We can only hope. They WANTED to use them as washcloths.
I had a great time and even managed to go to a thrift store where I found a couple of purple men's shirts that I needed for my current project. (The five year old informed me that men did not wear purple shirts....)
I was able to show him that they did.
I've been home a week so I should actually get something finished soon.....

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