Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Decorations

I'm done...I think. The living room is full of quilts. I have 2 big ones that won't fit in there.

2 new things on the front porch, a burlap cover for a pillow I already had. I printed the word Rejoice on some burlap and sewed it on. Simple and fast even though burlap makes me cough. The word JOY my daughter made in Washington state and brought it to me at Thanksgiving. I can see moving it around a little bit until I have the perfect spot for it. It's up there above the door 'cause it was easy, and it was Roger's idea so I agreed that it was a great place and I like it there but it is unseen from the street.
Inside we have 2 trees;
This lattice tree that I've been using as a jewelry tree on my dresser and
 this feather tree. Elaborate aren't they? I think I need to add something to that feather tree...
The couch;
 And another chair.
The table topper is there year round.
Notice that I even have my gifts wrapped; at least 2 of them.

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