Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post Cards

A couple months ago I realized that my Mother hadn't been reading my blog....the main reason I started writing one. I also realized that she doesn't do technology well. At the same time I was getting a couple simple texts a day from a friend and I thought that Mother would enjoy a text or too. She doesn't do cell phones either. So my postcard project began. I decided that a few post cards a week would be enjoyed. I started very simply, cut a rectangle of card stock, put the required postage on it, write a sentence or 2. Mail.
Then I got a photograph and wrote on the back of it....put a stamp on it and a message and mailed. However, have you ever written on the back of a picture? You have to have the right kind of pen. So then my post card was 'invented' HAH, like this was new. But this is what I do:
I have an app on my phone, Walgreens, I just send them the picture I have taken and then go get them next time I'm out.
 Then I lay them on a piece of cardstock, (or any scrap of cardstock like the package the photo's come in) and sew around them. I use a basting stitch and whatever color thread is in the machine.
 Then cut them apart.
 Making my own means I have a tiny bit more writing space cause the address does not take up half the card.
I tuck them into my purse with the stamp already on them. I make sure I keep a pen on me and then when I'm waiting for a kid I can write a note. I have written them at church, at a restaurant, on my couch. Any time I think of it. It is easy and quick.
That's how I do it, however Quilt Guild this month had Linde Teddlie Minton come and speak. She makes post cards just a wee bit different. Here are just a few. She had dozens to show us and talked about the method she uses. I don't think I'll be spending 8+ hours on a single post card anytime soon but I did decide to change a couple things occasionally. I bought some watercolor paper for my last batch of cards, it is a little stiffer and the photos may suffer less damage en-route. I also hunted up some free backs that I printed for the back of a couple. I found it here. I am also aware of other artists that regularly make postcards to send. Here is one of them, Vicki Welsch. She has created a flicker page of all her fabric postcards here.I have done 1 fabric postcard, scraps of 3 wools sewn to a card stock then sewn to another card then mailed....who knows where I'll go with this. I can see the need for a little note from Grandma to each of my grandsons.....my son on a mission surely deserves a few....my siblings might even enjoy it.... But for now Mother gets them.

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Mel said...

Hey we got some too! They are great. Boys love them. Thanks mom!