Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zig zag and Christmas blocks

Here I am trying to choose a border for the zigzag 'quilt'. Not sure what it is....certainly an odd size.
Do you think a small 1/4 inch black would be good before one of these?
Been making some Christmas blocks for my guild too.

Who knew that each of the above blocks would take 3.5 HOURS? And would trash the sewing room?
I tried a new technique from 'Make it Simpler' with Anita Grossman Solomon. The jury is still out whether I LOVE this book or not. The blocks do look pretty close to perfect, and if I actually followed the directions step by step and not just look at the pictures, they probably would be perfect.  I will have to try a more difficult block...maybe one like this: Storm at Sea.

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