Monday, September 23, 2013

thrift store Monday

Salvation Army near my house has half price Monday's just for seniors. Since I qualify as a Senior now I try to go every Monday. I make it about once a month. Last Monday I found these long sleeve 100% cotton men's shirts. They are washed, ripped and folded ready to go into my stash.The top one is a very small black and white gingham, and I have no plans for it. However the stripes go in my stripe quilt. I actually need no more stripe fabric for my stripe quilt however I'm sure I can add these to it anyway. Here is the one my sister made;

It is wild. I started one the same time. We mailed stripes back and forth. Her's is finished, mine is not. I decided I had to divide my stripes into lights and darks so I have these
and don't know how to use the before I sorted into the mix....or really what to do with them at all. But meanwhile I am getting a killer stash of stripe fabric.

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