Monday, September 30, 2013

Farewell to Jeffrey

My son left this morning to visit my parents in Denver. He will soon be gone for 2 years serving a mission for our church; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yesterday we had a 'farewell' get together for him. I spent all last week getting ready. At 10:30 P.M. I realized I had taken NO PHOTOS! I was just busy and stressed enough that I never thought of it. But I can tell you about it. I'll blog the recipes later.
Menu: Salsa made by Jeffrey. A spicy version and a mom version, very mild.
           Chips purchased.
           White Queso made by me.
           Reuben Dip recipe located by me but made by friend. (No mustard in our version.)
           Rye and pumpernickel bread toast made by Roger and Andrew.
           Fruit tray, brought by Mary. 
            Cookies and Muffins brought by friends. :)
            Cupcakes baked in jar, made by me. 4 different recipes; close to 130; 34 left. 
            Water bottles iced down and in a cute metal tin borrowed from Becky. 
            Punch found via pinterest a year ago. 

We started at 7 but several young adults came early to help. A friend, Becky, came with a few of her autumn decorations and spruced up a few places and we set up a shelf with cards for people to write Jeffrey a note about something they remembered about his life. We had a full house during most of the party. A small group played ping pong, there was singing of hymns around the piano. Jeffrey sang his solo from Les Miserables, Bring Him Home. A lot of hugs. A lot of talking.
About 9 I noticed some of the young adults washing dishes! They washed everything! Then one of the young women found the broom and swept! Wow! I had so much help doing this party. There are a few names I need to write down and invite them to EVERY get together we have. ;)

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Liz Johnston said...

Jeffrey is so blessed to have such wonderful friends. He is such a wonderful young man it's not surprising. He lived in that house almost his whole life! Crazy.