Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Linen 'Quilt'

I was asked if I could make some 'quilts' out of some yardage.....I said yes. We measured the beds and found that they wanted an old fashioned bedspread with a pillow tuck. They do not go to the floor but cover the mattress completely and an inch of the wood frame box they had custom built to hold the beds.
The customer brought me 100% linen that was embroidered. Fabulous stuff. I 've made 2 bedspreads for them, each an embroidered linen.
Here I am trying to match the seams...a headache, a very big headache!
 The matching on this one was easier but I found it easier to hand baste then stitch, than to machine stitch, rip out, stitch, rip out, stitch. After quilting I hemmed them; 5.5 hours to do the hems! They are big and heavy and I got to stitch around it by machine 3 times, then hand stitch it down.
 I snapped this picture when I visited to measure for #2. (I can't quite get the hang of a camera phone, it looks great on that itty bitty screen, then you print it or enlarge it and it looks lousy...but it's the only picture I have.)

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