Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New sewing machine

My Bernina had to go to the shop, again. That's four times in three years. I decide it couldn't go to Saudi Arabia with me. I NEED a machine that I can rely on and although I have loved my Bernina's I do not know that it will be trouble free for 2 years. On the other hand I cannot see spending a lot of money on a machine and then carting it overseas either, so I started looking for a Singer 301. I have heard good things about it. It is straight stitch machine and gear driven so will have more power than the 'featherweight' that I already have.
The 301 was probably built in the late 50's and was $198.00 originally (at least by one report).  I paid $116 for this machine and I hope to have years of work out of it.
Unfortunately, although it was working fine when I got it, it is not doing so well after I cleaned it. I suspect it has something to do with the bobbin. I found in the instructions that a little piece of metal needs to be pointing up and it is but it moves easily, so I get to take the throat plate off again and see if I can get the 'finger' seated firmly.
I also changed the needle so I will be giving you an update soon.

I have the original booklet and have oiled it, I am waiting for the right 'grease' to do that step. According to instructions the greasing needs to be done every 6 months and the oiling much more often. I've entered the greasing in my calendar to remind me to do it in August. (My google calendar does not have a bi-yearly setting but it was easy enough to set it for yearly, every February and every August.) I also found step by step directions here and here for oiling and lubricating.
I had considered carrying the featherweight in my luggage when we go so I won't be without a sewing machine for 3 months while our slow shipment gets there. I was not looking forward to the space it would take in my luggage. This one I hope to get into Roger's air shipment so it will be waiting for me when I step off the plane. :)
(We do have other things to fit in the air shipment; photo albums, slides, papers for Roger to scan and throw away, scanner, computer, some cooking stuff, and games to fill the time while the boys are with us.)

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