Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My son is a sweetheart! He studies chemistry ALL THE TIME. The computer and i-pad are his means of education in that field. He talks about elements constantly. Monday night he started to do some experiments; vinegar, baking soda, weighing, combining, counting the swirls...I have no idea what he was doing, he told me but it went over my head. (He was having fun too). I asked him and he wrote it down for me; 'I was trying to determine the number of molecules of acetic acid per liter of vinegar.'
We went to see Les Miserables over Christmas and he is now reading the book. Victor Hugo's style; unabridged. I had downloaded a free version on the kindle so he is reading it. We get a report every once in a while; 14 Chapters about the bishop before the main character shows up... full descriptions of the Bishops house... hair color,  etc. He is 11% done! He's read for 4 days whenever he can, if the chemistry isn't calling his name.


Reed Stone said...

well then he should enjoy this interview between an MD and a PhD toxicologist on the bio-chemistry of murcury removal. I found it highly intresting. It has tones of information I can understand while at the same time it does not shy away from some highly technical language. I could listen to it many times taking more each time. Anyway he should like it.

Mel said...

I was just thinking he might enjoy my fluid dynamics text book... I actually started rereading it this morning. It was talking about the difference between gas and liquid and solids and about the velocity of molecules in each material. Anyways, not exactly chemisty... but nerdy none the less. :) He can't have it though, I am reading it. :)