Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pieced back

I like to piece my backs. It saves money and I can have fun with it. But I do not like seam allowances that wave at me when I load it into the long arm. So I use this secret ingredient;
It has to be washable. I buy myself a new bottle every year when school starts just in case I run out or misplace the one I bought last year.When I sew my backs together I press each seam open and tuck a thin bead of this glue near the edge and press. Those seams stay open! Think of it as thick starch but easier to apply.
Now the seams of this back will not get folded over as I pull the batting across it. :)
Can't wait to show you this quilt....

I would not use the glue;
  • if I was going to hand quilt the quilt
  • or not wash it after quilting.
Next step..decide on what batting for this quilt....wool, cotton, polyester, silk, bamboo? So many choices this world has given us. The last quilt I quilted for myself I used wool and cotton, 2 layers of batting. While I did not enjoy quilting it I am definitely enjoying the puffiness of the finished quilt.

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