Friday, September 14, 2012

Hat # 18 and 19

I can't believe it I forgot to post one of the cutest hats I've made; Rooster hat #2, for a grandson. I found the pattern here. (I bought their kit and used the same yarn for both combs).

Then I finished this boring 'man hat' last night. I didn't really use a pattern..kind of a make do conglomerate of 3 different patterns.
That's it...well I'm still working on some that I've posted other weeks. I have decided on Jeffrey's hat but need a trip to the yarn shop...then Reed wants a 'plain' beanie that i need yarn for too.

After seeing all the socks posted on the web I'm almost ready to start some socks; I am ready to buy the yarn and copy the pattern from a book that the library has...we'll see if I get to go to the shop this next week...

Judy has posted the progress on her socks over here.