Saturday, September 22, 2012


Since my hip was causing me a lot of pain the last several years I kind of eliminated shopping from my activities. Since I no longer have pain (hip replaced 11/11) I have been exercising and now I can shop!
I bought all these bottles yesterday in my quest for a Halloween project. I needed 3 bottles....but I might be able to use the rest....after I empty them. My favorite one, it has a cork, was filled with peppercorns and had a big label on it. It is label-less now and pepper-less now; ready for my project....We will be enjoying the jam but what will I do with the coriander seed?
Eventually I'll show my finish...please come back...I'll only promise that it will be before Halloween.

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straythreads said...

you really have me curious. I buy stuff in bottles too just for the bottle then it sits in my kitchen window with a flower in it. I miss my big bay windows from 2 and 3 moves ago.