Saturday, August 4, 2012

One healthy thing

I checked out a book from our library, The Skinny Bob Harper. 
 (If you click to look inside nothing will happen-I borrowed this picture from Amazon)
The first chapter is about water and I decided that I could do the water rule. So my one healthy thing this week is to drink a glass of water soon after getting up..I've found if I drink it too soon I am sick to my stomach but I can do it about 15 minutes later. I've found it harder to remember the second part; drink a full glass of water before every meal.

Years ago I was plagued by back aches; particularly in the morning. I blamed our water bed and decided that we needed a new bed. We got the new bed and my back still hurt. So I did what my Mother had been telling me all along, I tired increasing my water and my back quit hurting. Now I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go but I don't think I drink enough. The water before the meals will put me up to enough water.

If you want to calculate how much water you need for your weight and climate go here. It will tell you how much you need. I do know people that drank too much water and had problems with balancing their electrolytes. Keep in mind that your food has water in it and that counts too.

My goal this week is to drink the extra glasses of water as mentioned above. I'll report next Saturday on my one healthy thing.

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