Thursday, August 2, 2012

applique bee

I joined an applique be about a year ago...I've attended 2 times. I do get marvelous e-mails with photos of their show and tell. It also makes me want to get my needle out and work on my Baltimore project. Here is another picture from a 1990 project;
I think I stopped working on these when it became apparent that I would have to plan a layout and I was intimidated by the idea. I may be mature enough to handle that job now.

On a personal note band camp has stated and Jeffrey (17) has to be at the high school from 7-11 and 12:30 -4:30 each day. Marching in the hot sun in the a.m. and then practicing in the band hall in the afternoon. They are required to wear sunblock, shirts, hats and sunglasses. So far no one has fainted or had to go in for heat exhaustion. They also each have a water bottle and have regular water breaks. Jeffrey LOVES marching band. I have my knitting in the car now and get to drive back and forth again. When I need to wait I knit and do not mind at all.

My married children are coming to extra 10 people, some little (6 boys 2-8 yo)some big. we will have a lot of fun but I may not blog much...I am gathering grandmother materials; paper, paints, glow sticks etc...The month of August is a very full month. :) :) :)

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