Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have finished my part of the binding;
Saturday night about 9 P.M. While I was sewing Angela sat on a chair nearby and started the handwork. She figures it will only take ABOUT 60 HOURS to finish this quilt! Ignore the lime green is some marking I did to do the quilting that will come out when it is finally finished and soaked in some cold water for a bit.
Here is a picture of it while the light was okay before the binding was completely attached.
I've done the math. I made 948 inches of binding (a bit over 26 yards) I have 424 " left. So this quilt took 524 inches of binding to cover that lovely edge. It is a beautiful quilt and the binding really looks lovely. BUT do not do this to yourself.
If you were to hire someone to do this...there is no one on earth that would do this for money. It was...well not much fun for a very long time. Reminded me of when my husband was helping cut the fringe on a denim ragged quilt (we were all getting blisters) and he said, 'and quilting is fun because????'
A picture with a close-up is here.

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