Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April block

Yes, I know it it May. (Happy Mayday everyone!)
Here are the individual April Blocks from the 2 finished quilts:
I thought the above had really skinny legs and it wasn't my own design so I designed this Sunbonnet Sue:
I loved her; but now? Not so much. Saturday I appliqued it on a 6 inch block....She was leaning forward too much so I tried to fix her by trimming the block, I also took the umbrella off since the fabric was too loosely woven to be able to get the point sewn down neatly.........She just didn't look right. So.....

here is my final version of April, a more traditional 'Sue. The pattern was taken off a Sue quilt my Mother made but I added the umbrella and changed the feet and hand.

We could play 'one of these is not like the other'. See if you can see what I changed this morning.

  •  I added the point and handle to the umbrella
  • I enlarged the hand
  • I moved the sleeve up
  • I brushed the lint off the block
I made these changes sitting in the parking lot at the high school waiting for Andrew to come get his science project. (He runs every morning and we hesitate to take big projects to leave in the locker room.) I got there 10 minutes early....he finished 15 minutes early so went to wait in the library. No surprise that he forgot I would be waiting for him. I had enough time to redo the hand and arm AND do the embroidery. It really was a nice pleasant way to do it. Excellent lighting. Nice breeze. : )

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