Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Short attention span...

Just in case you were wondering.....Last night I couldn't sleep; woke up at 2 a.m. after multiple nightmares and decided to sew. An hour and a half later and this was together:
An old panel of Texas handkerchiefs. Over the years that I've had this panel I've purchased 3 different fabrics to put in the setting blocks and early this morning decided that a white scrap was the best choice. I have a border decision to make now.
I was sick Saturday and Sunday and sat and appliqued this 'FIRST QUILT I EVER STARTED' to a background edge (to eliminate the need to sew white hexagons all around and to create a straight edge to bind.)
Today I started marking and cutting Angela's quilt to do the binding:
I'm hoping by the time I get around this quilt with the scissors I will have found the white fabric I purchased for the binding. In case you are wondering the green dots were put there for me to be able tell where the binding will start so the quilting would stop inside the hexagon. Now I get to mark 1/4" out from the green dots and then trim the excess away...... THEN start the binding process. :)
I also sewed 2 borders on one of our congregation's charity quilts and designed and made sample blocks for another.

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Angela said...

Nice! I'm excited to have my quilt!