Monday, April 2, 2012

M& M's- the right way

This last week-end was our annual Church conference; we did not listen to every sessions since Sara was here, we will catch them next week-end. We did watch Sunday's though and in English; they were tempted to listen to it in German! One quote; 'Don't judge me because I sin differently than you.' Really enjoyed the messages this year.
Typically I fix lots of food to eat during conference. This year I did vegan cinnamon rolls; whole wheat cinnamon rolls seem just a bit odd to me. I adapted this recipe; and yes I did put the pumpkin in, I think it was for an egg substitute, we could not taste it. (Now I have leftover pumpkin in the fridge. What will I do with it?) I did not use baking powder nor fat in the filling; I use applesauce instead. IF I had put nuts and raisins in the filling I would have liked them. :)
I also fixed a bowl of M&M's; the proper way to eat them. with almonds. I don't like them any other way. Of course since M&M's are not vegan.... you know who ate them.

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Anonymous said...

what to do with leftover pumpkin?

mix in as part of your fat in your next banana bread (I use Dr. Andrew Weil's recipe)

mix in with some of your steel cut oatmeal for breakfast to add a veggie in there

stir a bit in your coffee with some almond milk to make a pumpkin latte kind of drink

can't wait to try your bean burger
Carolyn in NC