Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I do a bit of driving every day. To seminary, 2.9 miles; to school, .9 miles; then 3.1 miles home then another 6.2 miles to get the kids home. A typical day does not end up happening very often. Throw in a forgotten homework assignment, a make-up test after school, my exercise and grocery store visits. I am supposed to figure out how many miles I drove fall 2009 and compare it to what extra miles I may have driven while living at the apartment and submit a claim to the insurance. I kept copious notes for months fall 2010, but not so many in 2009. Throw in us living at 2 different addresses (the hotel and the apartment). It's making me crazy.
When I get done with the miles I get to figure out how much extra we spent on food....
I'm having lots of fun.

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Marilyn said...

I just made a logical guess and made it look official. Trust me. It works !!! Don't spend too much time for answers to idiot questions !!!