Friday, March 2, 2012

February block

Did you notice that February disappeared? I heard a song yesterday it basically said, 'remember when I was young and so were you and time stood still?' It no longer stands still (does that mean I am not young?) and the month just races on...Here is my calendar quilt:
Here you can see the quilts close to each other. The top one has 9" blocks the bottom has 6"The 9" block needed more than just a heart so I added this bird and branch...kind of Noah-ish.
Just some notes;
  • fold and cut a heart
  • if using ruffled lace take off that yukky stiff binding and re-ruffle it yourself
  • The bird has crosshatching, with permanent fine tip marker, under the body to make the wing sink back a bit--a virtual shadow instead of a separate wing piece.
  • 6"heart has a small piece of very pretty old eyelet lace across it and a satin ribbon bow appliqued down. It also has a square of a pink print behind the heart.

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