Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pizza for lunch

While on school break one day for lunch Andrew and I fixed 'pizza.' One thing I have really missed since becoming half vegan. I can't justify ordering myself a pizza that I would have to eat all of. Here are the easy steps. (Inspired by a Pinterest posting of this blogpost.)

Buy poppin' biscuits-you know the one's that are in a can and you hit the edge of and they pop out. But, first read the labels of every single package to find one with out milk or eggs.

Open a jar of spaghetti sauce and blend it so there are no nasty lumps of tomatoes.
Spread and then lay the weird artificial cheese on top (not bad actually).
Bake at 400 degrees for about 9 minutes.
Repeat. We ate 4 packages of biscuits for lunch that day. We learned that we like the edges toasted like the ones above. And we like the ones with more sauce instead of less, tasted more like pizza. I would up the garlic in the sauce the next time. It was easy and was a great treat.

Tonight I tried to make a version of the Vietnamese sandwiches we have enjoyed so much. Not totally successful. I'll work on it and post about it soon. I'll have to wait since my 'wings' are clipped, so to speak.

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