Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's only 7 A.M. my kids and husband have been gone almost 2 hours. They will get home about 4:30. It will be a long day, fortunately the contractor will come and at least be some noise in the other room. I stay out of his hair; when I could walk I went upstairs and worked... today I have some computer stuff to do then I'll work on moving some slides to the the computer. You will probably get to see some of them since they are of the CUTEST kids ever born; mine. It has to be sunny to get to do them since we purchased an adapter for our camera and it works only in great light.
I was wishing my sewing machine was down here...but when it was I could NOT stand the extra mess it caused. There is still construction going on; a bed in the dining room... and a toothpick bridge building zone. I can hold out another week.
A friend brought me a book; Roger got a book for Christmas that I'm reading and the hat to crochet, I'll do okay.

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