Monday, January 2, 2012

Kitchen update

Last Friday the new cabinets came in and the refrigerator surround was taken down, with the cabinets above, for the second time. It took most of the day for our contractor to move the 3 cabinets to the left 1/4 inch (which meant they had to be emptied) and to install the above refrigerator cabinet for the third time!
One of the things that got messed up with our cabinet order was the manufacturer neglecting to put on the soft close mechanism. Home Depot is trying to make us happy and today enough closures came for all the cabinet doors. They are easy to install; 1 screw, no pilot holes, and it is done. No. More. Slamming. Doors. I found them on line for $3.37 each at Amazon. Since we ordered them a million years ago I don't remember what our price was and it isn't on the order. (I guess that means the kitchen designer made the mistake.) The package calls it BLUMOTION for doors manufactured by blum. Roger spent the day installing them. It will take awhile to get used to closing a door and not hearing it shut.
My challenge is to keep the tools concentrated to one area of the kitchen; periodically I roll through in the wheelchair and move them all back to above the dishwasher.
Andrew is making bread in the bread machine on the floor in the corner; away from where the electrical work is being done so the power won't be turned off in the middle of a bread cycle.
Today Roger is finishing up the lights below the cabinets, I hope. The upper cabinet lights are up, just the switch needs to installed. I had no clue when I requested that little detail how difficult it would be accomplish. Once the lights are done then the contractor will do the tiling of the backsplash. That won't interrupt the kitchen work flow at all, jk.
The doors are on the pantry but they were driving me nuts. There has been no time to install a knob so they are almost impossible to open. I can't stand them open. So I shut them. I mentioned that I'd like 2 holes drilled so I could install the knobs, and Roger rigged up a neat opening system with blue painters tape.
Just grab the tape and pull. Easy and he could get back to installing the lights.

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