Monday, November 7, 2011

What to do?

I've been thinking about what to tackle when I can't tackle anything...i.e. while I'm recovering from surgery. One friend said she basically stayed in her room for 2 weeks rotating from the bed to the chair and back with a bit of a walk in between...So here is my pathetically short list:
  • make mittens for grandson #2. I made him a pr in July but they turned out too big so gifted them to Aunt Lynn. I'll try again after getting some gray, black and orange yarn.
(as you can see I could NOT edit this picture. It is from this book; Knit it! Felt it!, I have made other mittens from this book; blogged about here.)
  • embroidery some 'penny squares' for an Irish chain quilt in black and muslin. I have a black toile for the back...
  • copy ALL (or at least a good number) of our slides of our young children to a digital format.
  • read- a friend offered me her novels that have a quilting theme that should be fun. I asked her to NOT bring them early so that I don't read them before the surgery.
That's it. Of course one of those will keep me occupied for a good long while but I'm used to variety and I'm not sure how dexterous I will be on pain meds.

I'm off to get the yarn, with my 40% off coupon that I found here and printed.

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Taryn said...

Those are some cute mittens. Good luck with the recovery! I hope you aren't stuck in your room for two weeks.