Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tomorrow morning bright and early I get to have my hip replaced. I imagine that I will be unable to post for awhile since we do not have the internet at the house and I did not arrange it today. Maybe Angela will be able to work miracles but she is already working miracles in my home with my boys and organizing my stuff. What a blessing having her come has been. (Reed was a great help too while he was here.)
The apartment is still ours until Friday, so we come and check out the internet then go back. Angela got me down for a nap today and then brought the boys here for a movie, cleaning and her internet business. This evening I'm printing homework for Andrew and killing time until time to pick up the boys at an activity.


Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Hope you are feeling o.k. after your surgery. We didn't get to make it to the reception, so I loved seeing your photos from it. Your home looks lovely. We were just getting back from our son Jeremy's wedding in the Draper,Utah temple.

Susan said...

I hope you got your miracle and will be back online soon!