Sunday, November 13, 2011

satin shrug? jacket.

Nothing on my quilting life to post....I quilted a customer quilt (will be posted on other blog soon). I made a satin shrug for a friend's daughter's wedding. Not as easy as I thought, here are my plans;
  • Plan A; small nylon snaps to hold jacket in place.
  • small nylon snaps do not stay snapped if any stress is on them
  • Plan B; use large nylon snaps
  • calling ahead to find out if Hancock's has the big snaps was worthless
  • I have amazing children-son did not complain when I used his only hour in the evening to go on wild goose chase after big snaps, and then they did not have them.
  • Visited 4 fabric stores and called one downtown-no large nylon snaps
  • David's bridal will not sell snaps to the public, very nice though, offered to sew the snaps on for me if I got the gown to them immediately...the wedding was the next day.
  • Plan C; small strong magnets sewn in;
  • electronic store is sold out of their small strong magnets.
  • Plan D; clear buttons with loops.
  • Hancocks doesn't sell clear buttons, (yes, trip Number 2)
  • had to climb stairs and dig through jar of my buttons where I found many clear buttons. I only looked at the fabric store to save my poor hip from climbing the stairs at the house.
  • bracelet making elastic cord made a fine loop for the buttons.

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Mel said...

That cover up looks really nice, blends really nicely with the rest of her dress.