Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Granite. Is. In.

Yellow River Granite was a good choice. Isn't is beautiful?
I particularly like this gray, almost blue strip;
The granite guy put small things on the surface and then couldn't find them; just what I wanted a granite that doesn't scream 'I'm dirty, I'm dirty every time you look at it. The stove is in but not connected.....
Our electrician had surgery last week...that means his work is going to stall for a bit.

If ya'll are in the Houston Area I have a granite/cabinet guy that did a great job and I can recommend him with no reservations.

Tomorrow I see some grandkids!


pcflamingo said...

So pretty! That is really really nice looking granite.

Marilyn said...

Granite is good but grandkids are great !

Mel said...

This is a really nice looking corner. Your kitchen is going to be soooo big! I love it!