Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Progress is being made...
a few glicks; a leaking toilet (not where any work was being done...) one of them. Now I'm getting the higher toilet I wanted anyway.... WHO designed the original toilets lower than chair height?

Halloween night about 7 Andrew asked if he could find a bag and go trick or treating. Lame teenage costume (no costume) that my kids were NEVER going to do. He just went around the block and got barely a handful of candy and he was happy. Half of it was chocolate which he will not eat. But he had a big smile. He joined up with a group of young children and parents and had fun. Much more fun than hanging out at the work zone our house is.

Did you know a standard bar height is 42 inches? Ours is 42.5 which will work fine I'm sure. I get to choose bar stools next... backs or backless? turning or not? wood, metal, wicker? So many choices.

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Marilyn said...

Matching (dah). But definitely turning !!!