Saturday, November 5, 2011

21 days

21 days left
We joyfully offered our home for Liz's high school friend's wedding reception.....months ago. The plan was to be done and move in November 3rd. Are we done? Have we moved home? NO!
Can we be done? I have no idea...These are the things that need to be done:
  • tile and grout...being done now
  • seal floor, 2 coats
  • cabinets...come November 8
  • crown molding on cabinets
  • countertops...November 10
  • backsplash tiled
  • fireplace tiled
  • lights installed under cabinets; above cabinets
  • another coat of paint
  • appliance's installed; dishwasher, ovens, stove, vent, microwave, washer, dryer,
  • island put together
  • baseboards installed
  • doors, doorknobs and trim installed
  • toilet downstairs
  • sink downstairs
  • kitchen faucet
  • boy's bathroom ceiling installed textured and painted
  • lights hung, outlets installed, switches installed
  • TV purchased and installed (our job)
  • mantel designed and made and installed (our job)
  • yard cleaned up planted and beautiful (our job)
  • lighting outside (our job- but simply Christmas lights)
  • replace faucets in upstairs bath (our job)
  • pool fixed and cleaned (Roger)
  • MOVE
  • put furniture back (insurance guys say they will do that but will only hang things that still have nails in the wall)
That's a lot and I have probably missed mentioning many. Did I mention everything cleaned? I think we will need an army to finish everything. We do not have an army.

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pcflamingo said...

You do need an army! The "bus driver move-that-bus" army from that extreme home improvement show. Sure is an awful lot of stuff on that list with "our job" next to it....been there, done that to keep costs down and I remember going to bed exhausted and waking up thinking "how could I have been so tired I went to bed with sawdust in my hair?"