Monday, October 17, 2011


plans; HAH!
  • I PLANNED during last spring's shop hop to visit the Hen House this fall and take sock knitting classes.... NOT HAPPENING.
  • I PLANNED to quilt some of my projects; I have 2 Christmas quilts ready to quilt and 3 panels that would make great Christmas gifts...NOT HAPPENING.
  • I PLANNED to attend Quilt festival; I started attending when Reed was 2 1/2 months old, 31 years ago. I've missed 4 years during that time. I'm not going this year. It doesn't even sound like fun to rent a wheelchair and look at the quilts. I DO go to LOOK at the quilts, not to shop, although I skim the shops and usually buy a few things; it is not my focus. This year it is NOT HAPPENING.
  • I have looked at a hand project to do but need to go purchase some black embroidery floss. Keep forgetting when I'm at the store. It MIGHT HAPPEN.
  • I PLAN to buy groceries; I have figured out that if I go to the store I can't get the groceries into the apartment so I grab the bag or 2 that have perishables in them and leave the rest for when I have help. We have not lost any weight yet so I guess that IS HAPPENING.
  • I PLAN to do laundry but even that is hit and miss; the boys have started paying attention to their clothes more; even putting in a load now and again. I do fold the laundry since that is done sitting on the couch. (Incidentally that is the only time any of us go in the living room- we are just never here.) OCCASIONALLY HAPPENS.
  • I PLAN on getting a disabled sticker for my car; downloaded the form twice and am off to the Dr. with it ...probably today. MIGHT HAPPEN.
  • I PLAN to fill the front end of the driveway with flowers; since I can't get down or up I decided to ask for help for this one. (The plants we had there for 12 years died 2 years ago.) MIGHT HAPPEN.
  • I PLANNED to attend football games to see the band. We haven't been to any yet but Friday night I'll take some extra pain meds and sit through at least the first half to see Jeffrey march and sing in the choir. HAPPENING.
It's not all bad; I am reading more :) Sitting at the sewing machine more. Discovering which wheel chair goes the fastest at Home Depot, (one is very very slow and one is much faster---that is still slower than walking though.) I can't wait for the surgery; by Christmas I'll be in better shape than I am now.

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Marilyn said...

It's just a matter of controlling pain before surgery. Things ARE going to get better !!!