Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feathered Star

I never thought I'd make one of these:but our guild hired Marsha McCloskey to come and teach a workshop for 2 days and I decided a couple of years ago that if they offered a workshop on a day other than Sunday that I would take it. So I learned how to draft one yesterday and cut out a red and white version of the above star.
This is one of the quilts she brought to show us.
beautiful. Then after class we listened to a lecture on 'blended quilts' where she is using early 1800 quilts as her inspiration. Chintz like fabrics (large florals) and more than 1.
I'm very happy to take this class just wish the rest of my life was not so busy.
It was Sunday night before I realized that I even though I had remembered all my appointments, I could not be 2 places at the same time, I needed 2 Mondays to fit them all in.

So, back to class for me! I hope you have as great a day.


Karen said...

You learned quickly! I made her feathered star sampler quilt several years ago. It was time consuming and lots of little pieces.

Anonymous said...

What a great block, and her quilt is beautiful. Don't you sometimes wish you could split into two and then reintegrate, saving both experiences?