Saturday, July 9, 2011

new pouches

If you take a Laurie on a trip she will need a new pouch...
or two. Both are from thrift store linen dresses. Both zippers are from my stash of zippers. The 'SAVANNAH' is the only label from my label collection that I thought would work.
Linen is different to sew. It stretches more than cotton. Next time I think I'd put a strip on iron on interfacing on the edge where the zipper is.
I have a little collection of pill bottles that I refill for trips (22 big calcium pills fit in one) the label comes off easily and then I write on the bottle; name of medicine, size of pill, dose, and expiration date;
with a letter designating the pill on the top it is easy to see what I want in the blue bag.
So would you rather take this on a trip?
or this?
The pink one? I think toothbrush, lipstick, lotion, and sunblock. I use my toothbrush to help me stay awake while works and is low calorie!

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