Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lap top bag

The day before a flight is NOT the time to start a new project, but I did. I wanted to take my lap top, after all it was brand new and I'd do some amazing stuff on it while I was gone. (I did nothing on it while I was gone.) After reading about laptop safety I decided a hot pink bag would be perfect. At least it would not be inconspicuous.
I had a bright pink linen dress I'd purchased for .99 the week before. So I chose the back of the flap (white with black polka dots), sewed it to an ugly fabric (the part that doesn't show) and loaded it in the long arm. I laid 2 layers of batting down it and then laid the dress down. I did not take it apart; I just put the hem of the dress at the top edge of the batting and smoothed it out. The dress had random flat-felled seams around the skirt that I just left as is.
I did measure the laptop and added 1" for ease. First I quilted the flap, decided where the flap would fold and sewed a line.
Then quilted the back and front, trying to center the designs.
I decided it needed a strap so used the front button placket for it. I was going to leave the buttons on but it would be impossible to sew by machine, so they came off.
Simple sewing to make the bag, no pockets, this is really just to put inside another bag that would hold all the ...stuff laptops need. Like cords. It will just be pulled out and easily scanned at the airport. The next question was how to close it?
  • Velcro? On one of the pictures you can see I marked where to put the velcro then decided not to use it.
  • A big button? I added a loop for the button; but those buttons are not in my jar.
  • ribbon? I went with a ribbon. Cute? yes! But practical? No.
  • 2 buttons? I replaced the ribbon with elastic loops and 2 buttons.
Both days I was traveling I just happened to wear black and white. So I coordinated with my tote. Just a happy accident. ;)After arriving home I eliminated the ribbon and added the buttons.

happy sewing hint; When discarding an old handbag, back pack or computer bag keep the bits of metal. They are easily used in a new bag. I used 2 D rings from my recycle bin in this bag. I may redesign the straps to make them detachable; then I'll use more hardware I've saved.

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