Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm home...or nearly.

We got home from nearly 3 weeks of vacation and over 5,000 miles of driving. We got home a day early and opened the front door to this:
water in our house!
Those are footprints; if you step on a saturated rug the water fills the holes your feet make. The dusty stuff is mold.
So we are having an adventure that we had not planned...I'm sure I'll have lots of stuff to post about in the coming weeks.


Patty Cake said...

I'm so sorry!

Diane said...

Oh that's awful what a horrible thing to return too.

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Sad you had to come home to this. Love the laptop bag you made several posts ago. You always inspire me to want to sew something.

Sue Bridges said...

Oh how awful to come home to that, I hope things get sorted soon.