Monday, May 16, 2011

Design wall

I pulled out my applique last week to take to a meeting.

I got this far a couple of years ago, in my mind it was finished, so I was surprised when I opened it and realized it needed some more grapes. Here they are made and basted in place. After they are sewn down the watermelon edge gets appliqued; then I can decide if I want the knife that the original has in front of the watermelon.

I changed the original pattern somewhat. Here is the original:And, yes, the pattern IS a xerox of a quilt made in1846. I took a workshop in about 1990 and received several patterns from the teacher; Laurene Sinema of the Quilted Apple in Phoenix Arizona. I believe this is my5th block. Here is a list on the changes I made to make it more of a TEXAN quilt.
  • Added a pecan branch with pecan tree shaped leaves,
  • added a chile ristra
  • added plums to the base (to commemorate my parents plum trees, in CO)
  • Added a watermelon shaped leaf
  • Changed the grape leaf to look more like a grape leaf,
  • changed the shape of the strawberry leaf
  • changed from eggplant? to pears and
  • added more oranges
  • I'm not sure what the polka dot thing is, an orange? I made it a cantaloupe.
I'm happy with it although I may add some plum leaves near the plums....
I'd like to finish it and get the next one prepped for our summer time travel....Who knows, another 20 years and I may just FINISH a Baltimore album quilt.

What do YOU think? Should I add the knife? More grapes? the plum leaves?

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LuAnn said...

What a beautiful block. Also, I went back to take a look at your Grandma's Crocheted Granny Square Afghan. It is just wonderful and is making me want to pull out some yarn and just sit here and crochet today.

Diane said...

looks gorgeous to me!

Nina-Marie said...

wow! a lot of work - lovely! I've done vintage blocks before - adjusting them and find it so fun - like linking with our foregrandma's (grin). BTW - ain't it somethin' how there always seems to be one more grape to do???

Judy D in AZ said...

Laurene was a fantastic quilter and in the thick of things when quilting first began to boom in Phoenix. She is missed and you were lucky to have taken a class with her. The Arizona Quilt Guild had named their highest award at the annual quilt show after her. It is the Laurene Sinema Founders Award for Exemplary Workmanship.

It was nice to see her name mentioned in your blog. Your applique is lovely.

Kat said...

What a treat to have a copy of a quilt made so long ago. Such a great piece of history! I think yours looks fabulous! I don't think it needs anything else! The only thing I might consider is the leaves by the plums, but it looks so great as is, I certainly don't think anything is missing when I already see what you have. Beautiful!

ANudge said...

What a beautiful block. With all the changes, I'd call this one: "my design". Love it.