Monday, May 23, 2011

mowing for .....hours?

Saturday I gave my boys 2 jobs. One was to mow, one was to clean the kitchen, I was folding the laundry then we could go to Fry's.... While I was folding I noticed I couldn't hear the mower. Jeffrey came in a bit later and asked me if I knew what Andrew had been doing..... Evidently he couldn't get the mower started and instead of asking for help he got a pair of scissors and was working away.
Jeffrey was kind enough to start the mower for him and he got the lawn mowed. The kitchen didn't get done until 4:15 and since they had a party to go to a 5 I didn't get to go to Fry's (an electronic store about the size of WalMart). So sad.

I have to mention that Jeffrey did quite a bit of pool maintenance then some friends came over and he still got the kitchen clean.

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Gwen said...

Boys!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds very familiar! Have a good week!