Monday, May 30, 2011

Design Wall

Our Local Quilt Shop has a 'Third Tuesday'. Every month for a year we will be getting the pattern and fabric for 4 six inch blocks. Each month will be different reproductions fabrics and each combination will be 2 positive and 2 negative blocks.Here are 2 of May's. NOT easy. Cutting accurately is crucial.
Since the cutting is so easy I pulled a black print and a cheddar print from my shelves and layered the 4 fabrics when I cut. At this rate though my stash will never get seriously reduced; 2 pieces in, 2 pieces out will not have a large impact. If I get finished I will have 8-6 inch blocks each month. Here I've started and it isn't even the day before it is due!
I did a wee bit of muttering while sewing, convinced that the directions were wrong...NO, MY head just wasn't thinking straight. Sorry Vickie.

Here is one of my 'tricks' to sewing 1/4" inch seams. A magnetic seam guide. I use it all the time.
My Bernina is still in the shop! Since April 11th. I like the Singer Featherweight and the Elna is adequate but I love my Bernina.

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pcflamingo said...

I thought that looked like a Singer Featherweight. I love mine - my mom gave it to me as a graduation from high school present about 100 years ago and it's a little gem.