Thursday, May 12, 2011

Border class.... again

This classmate followed directions... but we were given options for 3 different borders to use in the last round and she used 2 of them instead of just 1. It turned out beautifully.

This black, white and red turned out great too. The stars are all alike in the last border, mine will be all different. The owner took a machine quilting class and had already started quilting this.
These browns and tans look good and the last border is looks good with it.
I love green and pink together and this quilt is fabulous. Yes, those are small log cabins all around the outside.
Just to remind you of what mine is like...I do have one star of the last border done but with a bunch of the strips sewn I did not want to work on it on a strange (different) sewing machine and mine is STILL in the shop. So as I had a good excuse. Not all the quilts started in the class got this far. One lady was unhappy with her inner border after doing 3 more so she picked it all off and redid the inner border and was redoing all the rest. Dedicated woman.
I will get mine done. I will get mine done. I will get mine done. I will get mine done.....

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