Friday, May 6, 2011

Andrew's Court of HOnor

Andrew's Eagle Court of Honor is tomorrow! (here's where I would put a picture but I'll save that for Sunday's post.)
I'm ill.
Since I have laid in bed for 2 days surely I have enough energy to do what needs to be done today.
  • cancel cake from Sam's
  • pick up snack cups from Sam's
  • make turkey salad sandwiches for 50
  • sew badges on a sash
  • clean the kitchen so that I CAN fix salad
  • find tablecloths or make tablecloths
  • figure yardage for t-shirt quilt back
  • call customer about quilt back
  • eat-I haven't been eating and eating might give me a bit more energy
  • yeah, and the ever present white shirts for Sunday if I don't get at least one load done.
Here's the menu;
  • turkey salad sandwiches (we had a turkey that needed to come out of the freezer.)
  • fruit tray
  • popcorn
  • trail mix-it is for boy scouts
  • an eagle shaped sugar cookie
  • ve-gan cake-yes, I found someone willing to make one
  • root beer
  • water
I'm tired already. Good luck to me.

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cherie said...

Hope You are feeling better by now. Congrats on the Newest Eagle in your family.