Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pin cushion collection

I bought myself this 'pincushion' about 30 years ago. It has worked great. But
earlier this year it was downstairs and I was sewing upstairs....instead of going and getting the pins I put a quilt together with 3 pins; the ones I found on the floor. I found that if I pinned one spot and then basted that half inch with the machine I could move the pin to a new spot. Do it again and eventually have each intersection either pinned or basted and get all across the quilt that way. But....
maybe I could have more pincushions and if I needed them downstairs I would still have some upstairs. At Shop Hop 2 weeks ago I was given the cute yellow one above. Then I was given the kit for the red, white, and blue one below (stuffed with wool batting). (I have another Shop Hop pincushion kit hiding from me upstairs)
Then I received the cute baby shoe one below for my birthday from my sister. The shoe will be my downstairs pincushion for awhile.
This is my needle pin cushion from a friend in Singapore.
I love the little children playing on this one. I also have the ubiquitous red tomato one. I've found that I really like poking the pin into the pincushion instead of dropping them on the magnet.

What do you prefer? Magnets or pincushion?


Marilyn said...

You make me laugh!!!I I am a picushion fanatic !!! One for every machine , pin type , style , color. etc.
Also wanted too tell you how good dinner was with a friend. !! Enjoyed it !!!

Marilyn said...

PS. You stay up later than me. :-p

Liz said...

The pillow ones actually always make me sort of uneasy. I remember as a child taking out all the pins and squeezing the little pillow and than finding one more pin.. OUCH! I only have one pin cushion the one you made me. But it doesn't look like a pillow- thank goodness.