Friday, April 1, 2011

new border... ON!

I eventually return to my projects here's proof: My border class project;Today I tackled the striped inner border...the stars were done weeks ago but I got stuck on the green stripe. Why? It is not a symmetrical stripe. I WANTED--- needed the corners to end up the same. I did not have enough fabric to cut each piece in half and resew it together flipped around......So during shop-hop last week I bought another 1/2 yard. Ha! You say now it will work....No it wouldn't the new piece had a flaw in it that added a thin white line consistently at a specific spot on the stripe. Of course I cut it and sewed it onto a strip before noticing that it wasn't the same.
My awesome skills to the rescue... I pieced one of the strips in 3 places to get enough of the original stripe AND you can't see the seam.

Further proof that I get back to old projects: I found
100! of these pieced blocks for an Irish Chain swap I did over 17 years ago. I got another 17 of the alternate blocks sewn together so now I can put them on the design wall and get this quilt together! (I only need 50 of these blocks and 49 of the others.)


Diane said...

that's a beauty of a quilt

Kathy said...

Beautiful quilt. Love all those different borders. Great Job!!

Ivory Spring said...


Your quilt top is gorgeous. Love the stars.

Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment about your antique treadle machine. I enjoyed reading it.

Sue Bridges said...

A lovely piece of work!

Mel said...

Gorgeous quilt mom! Good job.