Sunday, April 24, 2011


I'm taking an 'Ultimate Borders' class and am stopped due to my sewing machine malfunction. I do have another sewing machine to work on but I do not want to use more than one machine per quilt; that is just asking for headaches. But I did go to a quilt guild show and saw a quilt made by someone in a different class but the same teacher and 'class'. So here is my miniature quilt show of 'border' quilts.This is the sample that our teacher used to generate interest in the class. Each class we were given directions for 3 different borders; then about a month to make the one we wanted for our quilt.
This is a border quilt owned by the teacher, Winnie Fleming, but it was a round robin quilt; each border was put on by a different person.
I do not KNOW that this was made during a border class but certain elements are the same.
See how this one is similar to the previous quilt? Many of the same elements; probably Winnie's earlier class.
This one has the stars in the outer border that I am making for my quilt...actually not making since I can't work on it until my machine comes home in about a month.
Looking at these makes me want to get busy and finish mine. Maybe it will be July's finish; more likely August's finish.


Janet said...

Wow, there are some impressive quilts there. I love the first one and the stars you're planning to do. What a fabulous techniques class that would be to take.

Diane said...

oh my gosh those are great quilts--so much inspiration! wow!