Wednesday, January 26, 2011

braided rugs

I love rag rugs, especially wool ones. One time I thought I'd make a BIG hooked wool rug and have a few books about it. I started a sample, well, a long time ago. (I WAS smart enough to start with a pillow size 'rug'.)Don't like doing it. Then years ago I crocheted one for the bathroom floor and thenstarted this one..using a beautiful madras plaid that will probably fade like all get out... I loved the colors but it doesn't go with anything in my house. When I work on it my hands turn blue...signs of a quality dye job. I should finish it and lay it down on our white carpet....NOT. Can you tell that all of the rows are from the same plaid; just different sections of the plaid cut out for the different colors.
The Houston Quilt Show often has exhibitors selling things to help you make a rug. I stand there and watch. Once I even bought the gizmo (Just like the hook to make these rugs). I did not make the rug. I have some rug braiding things I found at a garage sale.... I did a small sample of another technique, shirring, in a bag somewhere.... I purchase wool (I bought a pair of pants today) for the rug I'm going to braid someday.... I just haven't started yet.
In my rug hunting, learning, stage I found this web site that sells books and gizmos for rug making. Every few years I revisit and drool and wonder when I'm going to get in gear and actually make one. This is the best website for information about the home making of rugs and the only place I have ever seen information about a 'standing shirred rug'. I had seen one as a teenager (and had inspected it closely to figure it out) and hunted for information."
Here is one of the rugs my Grandmother made for her own home:It is in my youngest son's room. My Mother decided a few years ago to braid a rug for each of her grandchildren when they get married, so 3 of my children have rugs. Last summer another grandson, Zach, got married but didn't have a long enough engagement for his grandmother to get a rug made so she is working on it now.
Here is the one she made for my daughter, Liz.
I'm collecting wool...for one of these.

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