Friday, December 17, 2010


My Father took over the dish washing when he retired. I took over the job of keeping him supplied with dishrags. Traditionally I knit him 1 new rag a year. (He has an abundant supply)
so in July when we were going on vacation I grabbed my favorite needles and some yarn. No book, I've been doing this for years; I could do it without a book.
The first one is the size of a placemat;Okay...I can make it smaller....
Still too wide. So when I got home I found my book and sort of kind of followed the directions; Bought the right size needle in bamboo and followed the directions.
Better, I'm still not sure what happened to the pattern; I have no idea how I did these. Right there in the middle where there are rows is the way it was supposed to look.
Soon these will be winging their way to their new home. Just the top one, the other's need to be 'remodeled'.
I'm falling asleep; this must be a fascinating post it's even putting me tosleep

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